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The Upside-Down Sign

Many of you may have noticed that Arthur's Pizza has been hanging its sign upside down on its Paddington Shop for years now.

The upside-down sign outside Arthur's Pizza in Paddington

Why, you may have asked yourself, would a shop owner do such a crazy thing? Some sort of marketing gimmick?

Well, in actual fact Arthur, having opened his shop in the middle of busy, cosmpolitan Oxford Street in the mid 70s, soon realised his clientele came from all different walks of life. By the early 90s the Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras that passed down Oxford Street each year in March had grown into a major internationally recognised event. In support of all things alternative, from lifestyle right down to Arthur's own unique pizza ingredients, Arthur decided to turn his sign upside down one February, a month before that year's Mardi Gras. Something a little different, like an extra secret spice on his favourite topping.